Omnia 2.0 utilizes the community channel conda-forge to provide prerequisites for GPU-enabled omnia packages.

To install a package into a conda-enabled python installation, use the following command (this example installs openmm):

conda install -c conda-forge -c omnia openmm

To avoid typing in the flags for every install, you can change your conda configuration with the following lines:

# Add conda-forge and omnia to your channel list
conda config --add channels omnia --add channels conda-forge
# Update to conda-forge versions of packages
conda update --yes --all
# Install the 'openmm' a package
conda install openmm

The order in which the channels is added is important. conda install prioritizes channels by order they were provided. conda config --add channels stacks packages from the bottom and prioritizes top-down. For more details or to report issues, visit our GitHub page.